7 Best Practices For Ramadan

Every year Muslim follow a month where they abstain from eating and drinking in daylight hours for a whole month. This is a blessed holy month and is called Ramadan. It is 1 of the 5 pillars of Islam. In this article we share 7 best practices to have a successful fasting journey.

1. Eat healthy and consume plenty of Water.

As Ramadan is currently in the time of summer it is best that the person fasting starts by drinking plenty of water and taking in food such as fruits, salad and milk. You do not want to overload yourself with oily fatty food or anything that will make your day miserable. Having a good organised meal at Suhoor which is early morning will help you stay well and pray. Even having 7 dates is a good option as it is sunnah to have dates. Likewise when it is time for Iftari to open your fast eat and drink healthy too so you are able to pray at night.

2. Pray your 5 prayers on-time.

Ramadan is a month where you not only fast and share your hunger and pain with millions struggling worldwide but it is also a blessed month where praying 5 times on-time can give you a spiritual boost and make you more focused. So remember to be prepared and take time out for Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha. The men should try their best to pray Isha in the masjid followed with the Taraweeh night prayer that takes place every night of Ramadan. Also especially seek the night of power known as Laylatul Qadr which is a blessed night in Islam and has great reward for believers as this is the night when the Holy Q’uran was revealed to mankind.

3. Recite the Holy Q’uran.

As the month of Ramadan is when the Holy Q’uran came to mankind it is therefore a important month to read and understand the meaning of the word of God. Making time to try to read and reflect will give you a understanding of faith better and make you more connected with God. Try reading atleast 20 minutes a day and encourage family and friends also.

4. Make lots of beautiful Duas.

As there are high chances of duas being accepted in this blessed month, one should try to make plenty of supplication throughout this blessed month. Remember to make dua for all those who are struggling in our world and also make dua for your wishes. In Islam a dua where you raise your hands and beg to God is a believers best weapon. Make the most of it.

5. Control your self.

Simply put this is where you be more careful on a daily basis not to swear and fight with Muslim and Non-Muslim as it is very important to have a good character and not put any negativeness in your day when you are fasting and praying. Just remember that you are being rewarded for the good work and it is not worth it losing all this reward by slipping away in terms of behaviour. Being on your good character, having patience and smiling which is sunnah will help make a good day of fasting and let others know – I am fasting and walk away peacefully.

6. Give to charity and help others.

Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said the best charity is the one given in the month of Ramadan. So make sure to give money and food to the poor and weak. Also make sure to calculate zakat of 2.5 percent of your total income to give to the needy. Helping your fellow humans such as cleaning, removing harmful stuff on their path, helping Mothers to prepare for Iftari food is a blessing.

7. Be thankful to Allah swt.

Last but not least give shukur -thanks to our creator. The air we breathe, healthy body, and family uniting to eat and drink as if you reflect around the world many are facing so many problems. We should be greatful to God and remember HIM in our prayers. The more thankful we are in Islam God says HE will bless us with more.

Traceithere wishes you a happy,blessed and successful Ramadan this year. Take advantage of the above best 7 practices to have a good month and please don’t forget to share this article with family and friends so they to may benefit from it.

Insha Allah – ┬áJazak Allah Ul Khair – Peace and Love.