The Nintendo Switch Hype

Gamer’s love adventure and the promise of a better experience. Before March 3, Nintendo is making all the promises a gamer would love to hear. When it hits the market on 3rd of March, you will be required to part with 300$ to enjoy the game. The question is whether if this is worth it ? The Nintendo Switch Hype has overtaken all tech news over releases by competitors in the recent past. In fact, it has gone against the normal business curve of supply and demand and is worth examining why there is the hype and whether it is worth it to the world.

The hardware determines your gaming experience. From what Nintendo has promised, you can play both at home and while on the go without developing hitches. It also comes with excellent joy-cons with a rumble that is unique in HD. The pro-controller is also available in HD. It can never compare to PS4 even in low power.

The Launch
As anticipation builds towards the launch, one must admit that this is a revolutionary launch compared to all others in the past. The launch can only compare to Twilight Princess or Mario 64. However, it is still a notch higher. The software that powers Nintendo is known in the market for its versatility. This level of confidence is fueling anticipation especially among experienced gamers.

What should you expect when you buy the game? In addition to the console, you will be required to invest in your preferred motion controls. While some consider this a negative, I think it is an excellent way to give gamers greater control over the experience. With own controls, you are play better and have a personalized experience. After all, Nintendo has never released a half-baked product into the market.

Game Lineup
Nintendo has remained mum about the features to expect. It also does not provide online direction which leaves more people in the cold. However, with the reputation Nintendo has, there is no reason to expect a disappointment. Some of the expected features include an AAA Western IP as part of their roster and better experience with online play.

Nintendo is expected to provide the most exciting group game. The handheld features are also mind blowing. They are very innovative and can never compare to the fiasco that is Wii U.

What’s New With Nintendo?
The trailer points at a new experience for gamers. Unlike the fail witnessed with Wii U and Wii, there are features that have been added to the Switch that justify the hype. They include controls that are comfortable to use even on other games. These controls are modern yet conventional, guaranteeing an excellent experience.

Reliance on gimmicks seems to be the thing for Nintendo considering the recent consoles it has released. According to the current Switch hype, the simple features will make gaming more exciting. Nintendo does not give details about docking and reattaching while on the coach to make it easy while you are on move. However, this is what gamers should wait to discover once it is released.

Will The Switch Meet Online Gaming expectations of 2017?
Nintendo likes to tease gamers before releasing the actual console. For instance, the controllers of Wii were released in fall of 2005. This was half a year before the real game was released. This left more questions than anything else in the minds of pro-gamers. In fact, they did not clear the air on whether the tablet controller would be the console. The idea of leaving people guessing seems to work in favor of Nintendo.

Nintendo has been accused of lacking consistent release for their games. This lengthy game drought with flashes of excellent games makes loyal gamers comfortable in the fact that what comes out never disappoints.

Nintendo Nostalgia
With the Switch, Nintendo has raised a concern over whether kids who are already used to phone gaming will take to external controls. In reality, kids are hocked to tablets and phone. Are they about to drop that for external controls? The verdict is out. Nintendo is preying on the nostalgia of the 80s generation to drive sales. Unless they can provide an excellent experience on mobile platforms, there is little they will reap from this game.

The attention Nintendo has grabbed for the first time in a decade is worth appreciating. It caters for the interest of TV gamers and promises something more for those who love the tablet. The portable systems have made The Nintendo Switch Hype justifiable because of the kickstand, side controllers and large screen capabilities. From a pro-gamer, the promise offers a feeling of legitimacy and is worth the time.