5 best natural flu remedies that work

I am not going to lie to you here; most of the natural flu remedies that you find advertised out there are complete bogus. You have zero chance of making them work. That is why I have taken the liberty of putting together this guide. Here we will go into depth on some of the best natural flu remedies out there. Ready?flu-remedies-honey-traceithere



Right at the top of the list we have to put garlic. Garlic, as you may know, is an absolutely fantastic antiviral. If you eat garlic then you can be sure that it will help your body fight off the flu virus. In addition to this it will keep your sinuses open wide and ensure that you are able to breathe properly. It is important that you eat only raw garlic. This is because the compound which helps (allicin) will not be present in cooked garlic.


Is very much the same as garlic. Not in terms of taste but the impact it has on the body. A recent study suggested that those who take 400mg of Ginseng a day (which is not a whole lot) are less likely to suffer from colds and the flu. This is probably one of the natural flu remedies that you want to be using throughout the winter. It should hopefully keep most problems at bay.


This is an absolutely superb ingredient for fighting off the common cold. This is because it has been proven to fight rhinoviruses (which is pretty much which causes colds in the first place). You can easily stir some ginger into your food but I find it most effective when you combine six tablespoons of ginger, a couple of squirts of lemon, and cold water. You can then boil everything together. Strain the ginger out and you have an awesome tasting tea.

Juniper juices

Taking about 10 drops of essential oil are fantastic as a nasal spray bottle. Mix up with some water and spray into your nose every day. This should be able to fight off most of your symptoms. In fact; I am willing to go as far as to say that it will keep all of those symptoms at bay.


If you head to any pharmacy then you will notice that the majority of cold-fighting products contain honey. This is not just for taste. It is because honey is brilliant at helping fight off the symptoms. Honey will provide a coat in your throat which will help protect it and speed up healing. You will even notice that irritation is greatly reduced (goodbye tickly coughs!). The main benefit of honey however is the fact that it is packed to the brim with antioxidants. This will greatly speed up healing and make you feel fantastic in no time at all. One remedy which seems to work quite well in combination with honey is cayenne pepper (just a pinch). It does not taste great but it is certainly one of the best natural flu remedies out there.