Mothers And Fathers Day Should Be Everyday

So today is Mothers Day here in UK. It is a day where childrens will make this day extra special by showering love and gifts to their mothers. It should be every day!happy-mother's-father's-day

We all have a special date like Birthdays and Graduation Day which are clearly something which we can understatnd and celebrate but a mothers day should not be a day singled out where we just give that special attention to our mothers and spend the rest of the year ignoring them.

A Mothers Day should be every day where we care and love not just our mothers but our fathers too as they also have a set Fathers Day. I believe its a duty to look after your parents and show love to them on a daily basis. There may be some childrens who will go a extra mile on mothers day and do something amazing and will move on thinking they have repaid their debt of their parents raising them but that is completely a selfish way of thinking as our mothers and fathers have done so much for us from comforting us to the day we were born to holding our hands for the very first steps we took in our life and so on.

May God bless our parents. Ameen.

Theres always ways of pleaseing your parents even it it may be something little as smiling at them. A mothers day should be on every day where we meet them and ask them if they need help with house work or perhaps do a grocery run for them. Just by lending a hand to our mothers will bring them a delightful feeling that they know they can count on their children when the going gets tough. When they are alone its always nice to make them a cup of tea and sit down for a little chat or watch their favourite tv show with them. At night when they are tired it would be nice to take some time out to visit your parents and massage them and pray for their well being.

As childrens theres many beautiful ways of cheering our mothers and fathers up and we should not just set a Mothers Day or Fathers Day for this but do good deeds of watching out for them Every Day.