ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

Its underway the next ICC Cricket World Cup hosted in Australia. 14 teams will be participating in 49 matches from 14 venues with the finals taking place in Melbourne Cricket Ground.The schedule dates are from 14th Feb to 29th March 2015.

The Australians have been dominating the Cricket game for many years now with India becoming the latest defending champions from the world cup in 2011. This will be interesting as the rivals Pakistan look to make a name for themselves too as their last winning came back in 1992.

Here is a list of the countries taking part

England, South Africa, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, West Indies, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Afghanistan, Scotland And United Arab Emirates.

Clearly if you have been following Cricket in the last few years you are familiar now with the above teams and the complied list still remains the pretty same.

As the games are hosted in Australia we will mostly fall behind watching it in the morning if were from either here in the west  UK/USA or if you are in the east in Pakistan/India. While writing this Pakistan And India the long time rivals have just started their game and its only 4 am here in the UK. Lucky are those Aussies who can enjoy the game in a comfortable time zone as many of us may be asleep or just waking up to hear about the best game results.

However I am sure this will not stop us from following the games and we will tune in from TV, Radio, Internet. I mean its once every 4 years and big games like these should not go missed. I myself will be following it online as I have a busy lifestyle and do not think I will be able to stay up all morning for it but will catch up as a Cricket fan.

Here is a good link you can follow to get the latest news and score for ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

Enjoy the games and may the best team win.