10 clever ways to stop being depressed

So what are some of the best ways to stop being depressed  ? Traceithere has made its very own 10 clever ways that can help people worldwide to have a chance in a gloomy world. Please make sure you speak up to a family member, friend or a doctor if you feel its a serious matter. Being happy is the way forward in life !


1. Eat Something Sour

That’s right why let the mind sink in to those gloomy thoughts when you can distract yourself by eating something sour and just imagine the reaction you will experience. You will keep having that extreme rush in you and your face will keep pulling in and out, so try fruits like lemon, oranges  and pineapple or even pop down to the local sweet shop and find the best sour ones to try out.  Oh how fun it was as a child picking the best sweets and rushing home to eat them away 1 by 1 so I see why we still cant do this even if we have become grown kids.

2. Watch a funny movie or a video

So you have some free time then why not play a comedy movie or even watch them funny videos from Youtube. Millions of people love spending a little time now and again to find something funny to watch to help improve their downfall mood and feel cheered up. The popular ones are people, cats and babies as they get the most views. So see if you can watch something that will give you moments of laughter.

3. Play a prank on someone 

I am sure we all have done it a few times in some point of our lives. Maybe we recall it from school or at work or even a family member so its time we managed to play a few more tricks for the sake of fun. Lets see how about a remote control spider on the ladies ? Perhaps a prank call to a guy telling him you been cheating ? Hmm lol there are many ways to find a good prank and if you need good ideas then you can always youtube it as there are many good videos on there. Just be aware to be careful and keep it well for yourself and others.

4. Go for a workout

Time to get jogging and stretching so your mind and body are occupied in doing something that results in good. Sometimes when were completely lazy we build up fat, aches and pains, but not just only that but our mind also rushes away in boredom thoughts. Working out has always been one of the clever ways to beat depression and many doctors recommend it. So spending at least 20 minutes a day going for a little run or working out at gym or home will help u boost your mood.

5. Praying And Meditation

This is beautiful for our inner souls and hearts. If a work out can help our mind and bodies physically and mentally then we surely need something spiritually. Praying to God alone is far the best way of achieving this because your establishing  a connection and are sharing them low depression feelings so in return you may be comforted. As a Muslim we pray 5 times a day and it honestly helps a lot likewise when Christians talk to God in their prayers and how Buddhist do meditating etc. So if you take some moment out to pray or meditate and remember our creator the most excellent within our hearts then good will surely come within us and we can live a better happy life.


6. Start A Business 

Many of us face problems financially in life which results in struggle and depression. Working the 9 to 5 shift and taking orders from a moody boss can sometimes be right annoying for some of us. This is the best time to save up and invest in a business you are passionate about and of course this will take time and research at the beginning but imagine once you have everything on paper ? It will result in a start and you can slowly build your ideas up and work towards your goals. A good book rich dad poor dad has made a valid point of working people working for money and in a business money working for you.

7.  Write with a blog online

We all love reading good blogs, news, sites online in our spare time then why not be a part of this huge network. It will help you concentrate on your hobbies and goals so that can be 1 worry less on how to stop being depressed. As a webmaster you can also add online adverts from Google Adsense and make a small income every month from the traffic you receive . It can be fun, exciting and a good time pass by sharing your day with someone and promoting it on sites like Facebook or you could even go advance by doing Seo and learn from good forums like Warrior forum.

8. Treat Yourself Shopping

You always pay bills and shop for others then why not go out and do something fun. Buy that new top you wanted to wear or get that gadget and have some fun with it when your feeling bored and depressed. Some toys like remote control cars or helicopters or even board games with family and friends can be a right good laugh. Don’t forget if you feel like you wasted money on a bunch of crap then you can always sell on sites like ebay and amazon and make your money back or even profit more.

9. Get A Pet

Its always nice to have a cat running across your living room to cuddle up or a budgie flying out its cage. Pets can sometime bring excitement in the home and change a dull atmosphere. Even a few Goldfish in a tank with beautiful lights can be a nice addition either in the living room or even a bedroom . You will have someone to share moments together who may brighten up your day when you go to play or feed them. Find that nearest pet shop and see what makes you smile.

10.  Family Friends And Marriage

Yes the one that should not go out missed on any top 10 list. Family are those people who should understand us best be it parents or a sibling you get along with, they sometimes know us more then we know ourselves and we should catch a little time to sit down with them and have a social life. Also seeing friends and having a nice time together will also further give a inner boost and improve self esteem. Finally comes a time in a persons life when they need a companion and what would be more warming then having someone you will love and cherish who will always be there to listen to you in marriage.


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