Taken 3 Movie Review

So I was out this week-end with family and we decided to watch this movie. Here is a Taken 3 movie review and please be warned it has some spoiler in it so only read ahead if you do not mind getting some extra details. If your looking for a trailer then you may find it available now on Youtube.

Taken 3 was a movie I had been keen on watching ever since watching Taken 1 and Taken 2. The first movie was a excellent movie with the right story and cast with Liam Neeson leading as the main actor role. Taken movies have had the idea of a family member being kidnapped and out goes the hero with hes hi tech past skills to save a family member.

The movie starts off slow with a comforting scene of Bryan ( Liam Neeson ) and ex wife Lenore ( Famke Janssen ) sharing some moments in the kitchen with smiles. It then gradually builds up when Bryan’s ex wife Leonre is found murdered and Bryan becomes framed and is on the run. Now that is something intresting because in the first 2 Taken movies we see the excitement buiding once hes daughter or wife are kidnapped and he sets he’s mark off for a adventure but this time they have put a slight twist.

Now this I did not like because the whole movie title refers to Taken refering to a kidnap but when it starts off like this I did have that hmm face thinking  what is this but was keen to find out as the movie developed. So as the movie went on we see the police chase behind Bryan aka Liam neeson and this goes on for a while not what i expected.

Later on as the movie develops on Bryan is on the run trying to prove he’s innocence and avenge the people who killed he’s ex wife and we see that in the process he’s daughter is kidnapped. This was the point ¬†where I was like finally Yes ! But then I asked myself have they left this late ? Would it not have been better to have this part right in the beginning ? OK they could have still included the murder scene and right away added the part of the daughter being kidnapped ? Surely this would have built a better momentum and excitement in the movie. I have to say this was perhaps the only let down I have seen in Taken 3 which did not live up to its style from Taken 1 and 2.

Nevertheless the movie went on and I have to admit it was good and gripping still and I was willing to watch it all the way. The action and chase scene in Taken 3 are good and slightly better then the previous ones but the plot I was not too keen on. If someone was to ask me which one I liked out of the 3 then I would have to Say Taken 1 as the opening movie was more entertaining, genuine and gripping. So does he save he’s daughter, clear hes’s name and avenge he’s ex wife’s murder ? Well I let you watch it and decide as I do not want to give everything away in this Taken 3 movie review and I hope this article has helped you on deciding to watch it with family or friends as it is still a good movie to watch.

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