3 Easy Steps To Get Smoke Smell Out Of Our Car

Some of us drivers simply want to know how to get smoke smell out of our car when were non-smokers and we come across friends and family who smoke and leave a huge stinker behind.

Here are 3 easy steps from traceithere.com on helping us to have a smoke-free car.

1. Have A No-Smoking Sign Up !

Through my years I have seen many drivers have this clearly displayed either on their car dashboard or on a car window as a sticker. This will deter a person from thinking about smoking because the same sign is displayed in planes and places where people are not welcome to smoke. This will basically trigger them not to smoke and if your too polite to speak up then simply let this do the job on how to get and keep  the smoke smell out of the car.

2. Visit The Car Wash

Now if that strong smoke smell has manged to make its way around your car and has settled in the seats and does not wish to leave then take the fight to a car wash. Simply wash your car and hoover and leave the doors open for a hour or so and also you want to go for a manual car wash where you can clean the inside too and if there are assistants around have a word with them for the best cleaning solution regarding this matter as they must have dealt with previous similar issues.

3.  Get a Air Freshener

Right so after step 1 and 2 we move on to our final step 3.

This is where you focus on getting a car air freshener which will have a unique strong fragrance that can fight not just smoking smells but other bad smells we come across in our car. You can visit any supermarket, petrol station or even car dealers and find out what will work best. Some of us simply buy a fragrance which we like and in the case to tackle a bad smell like smoke we need to reach out to a assistant and see if they have something related that we can pop in our car and keep it as a guard from smoke smell.


Just remember that the more you take care of your car and its content there further you will want to focus on keeping it clean and smoke-free and its always nice to have a pleasant smell when you wake up in the morning and are about to start a new day. Also when we have elders and children who enter our car we do not want them to breathe such horrible smoke which can effect their health. Friends and family members need to be reminded not to smoke in your car and if it becomes such a problem then they can always step outside and re-enter once they have smoked. Encouraging people to quit smoking makes  a big difference too and is a win-win situation for everyone.

If these 3 easy steps were not enough then here is a easy less then 3 minute video to further assist you on how to get smoke smell out of our car.