Chicken Pasta Dishes

Chicken pasta dishes are so tasty that any one wants to taste it. Chicken parmesan is an easiest dish and any one can easily cook it. This meal takes a time of at least 15 minute and this gives a unique taste from others. Chicken pasta is one of the easiest meals which can be cooked by everyone. If you have intense food critic, this meal will surely win your appreciation.

Pasta recipes with chicken are suitable for any type of event. Chicken pasta dishes serves to be a best evening meal and is perfect for your friends barbecue event. If you want to impress someone by your cooking, then better opt for chicken pasta dishes. Making a pasta dish requires some easy and simple steps to be followed by you. At first you should head out to store and buy the necessary ingredients required for cooking this meal.

The ingredients should be properly selected and not a single one should be left out. For making a chicken pasta dishes you require fresh shredded parmesan, boneless chicken breast, garlic powder, butter or margarine, Roma tomatoes cream, cooked penne pasta, lemon, pepper, and Cajun. You should also buy some fresh cream available in the store. After buying the ingredients, the next step requires cooking them. It is necessary to moisten the chicken so at first you should wash the chicken breast and drain out the water. Then take a large plastic and mix Cajun seasoning to the chicken, shake the bag until the chicken gets evenly coated. Take a large skillet and sauté of the chicken with butter. When the chicken is half cooked, mix the rest of the seasoning and cook it over a low flame by stirring it occasionally. Finally you serve the pasta in a big serving plate and top it up with chicken and tomatoes and you are set for your very own chickecn pasta dishes.