Baked Pasta Recipe

Baked pasta recipe is the most easiest and favorite dish of Italian people. It takes less time for making it and they are also found in different flavors. This recipe is mostly baked on smoked Bavarian.

This recipe also contains substitution like halloumi with great cheddar cheese. You can also add parmesan for giving different taste and add flavor to your dish. The ingredients that are used in making baked pasta recipe are a small amount of butter which works for greasing, 2 beaten eggs, Olive oil 1 spoon, black peeper and salt, four fresh basil sprigs, you have to also use 4 tbsp of grated freshly parmesan cheese and many more. You can also use different ingredient for garnishing your dish. For that you can use fresh basil leaves.

Baked pasta recipe is an easy to make, as they take very less time of making. While preparing pasta recipe, some of the people think that it is a very difficult task. For preparing baked pasta recipe, firstly you have to grease your oven proof dish. After greasing the pan, the next step is to put some water on different pan along with lightly salt and after boiling it add penne and olive oil and cook it. Mix the egg with ricotta cheese and also add pepper and salt after it put half of the penne on the base of dish and covered with basil of the leaf. After doing all its work baked it on a pre heated oven at a temperature of 375 f and baked it over 30 to 40 minutes if required you can also baked it further 5 more minutes until the dish attains the color of golden brown until the cheese top layer is bubbling. After making baked pasta recipe garnish the dish basil leaves.