Economy Outlook 2012

So how will the economy outlook 2012 be like hmm. In the last few years we have seen the world economy fall with many of us suffering here in the europe mainly with high debts and poor control which has now led to a poor outcome for many of us. It is said by many financial experts that 2012 will be another poor year and nothing will improve untill another few years ahead.

The europes job rate has gone high , in the uk we are seeing highest unemployment rate of 2.8 million since 1992. Also many business’s out there are going bust with some boarding up with out any hope. So what is the government doing about this ? Well as we read newspapers and watch the news they are taking many actions such as providing more jobs, working on intrest rates and negotiating in confrences.

The question arises where and how on earth have we reached a so called depression in these years with out anyone warning or doing anything to prevent this as this was vital to protect our economy outlook 2012. Now the focus should be on improving our economy and help rebuild a better financial system for everyone so we can live in a world financially healthy as right now everything looks like a dark tunnel with the light slowly shining in.

We see many hopes and some becoming false and recently in  a article we have seen a increase in benefit claims and people saving more. Many of us are shopping online at sites like ebay and amazon saving that little extra from the shops on high street, which seems to be working but not good for the retail business out there in the real world.

Anyhow to sum everything up as you are aware yes we are in a so called recession/depression with false hopes thats everything is fine but hopefully we will see real hopes as everyone has put the economy outlook 2012 and for the years ahead as their top agenda.

Lets pray that by 2013 we beat this dark phase and see a good economy for the light years ahead !