Google Plus Review

Ok so if you havent noticed what all the hype is about, Google have launched a social networking site in June 2011 which looks promising with excellent features and they have named it Google Plus.

Google Plus Review.

In the last few months I have actively been using Google plus so I can get a good feel of this latest addition to the e-world and I have been addicted ever since and have even managed to download the app on my handset which is a true mini social networking experiance.

I personally havent been a big fan of myspace or even facebook but rumor has it theres alot of people switching to G Plus and we shall take a look at what makes this new social networking site a big hit with already having gained over 10 million members in such short time.

Google plus makes social networking simpler, easier and smarter. Its unique features are Circles, Plus 1 button and Hang out. Now at the time of this article being written these are some of its main unique features and im sure google are working on improving it throughout its first year and onwards with more goodies.

Quick Google Plus Review On This …


Ok so we have lots of friends and we need to organise them , but how do we do this ? In G plus you have a unique feature to social networking where you can simply drag and add a friend to a certain circle such as family, friends , or even make your own group name such as I have webmasters, boxing, cool people, boring people, lol etc.

Google Plus 1 Button

Wouldnt it be nice you can vote and share something ? Im sure you heard of digg and stumble upon ? Well this works in similar but the beauty is google plus 1 is a quick vote with the application all over the web as we tend to search on google and now we can end up giving our quick votes. Makes it a breeze and benefits webmasters too.

Hang Out

Get upto 10 people in 1 room and get the video chat going. Now im sure this can also be used as a confrence for business meetings and not just having fun but the idea of having it in a social network makes it very good if you want to take social networking to another level.

To sum everything up on this review Google plus is going no where, where google wave and buzz failed i believe Google Plus will take over and be a winner when it comes to social networking online.

Plus 1 ! Yes Google has certainaly provided us with a winning platform and it looks to get better. Smile *