Google Adsense

Google AdSense is probably the best thing that has happened to online marketing since the Internet, but it does have its negatives too. Let’s explore all these and more in the coming lines.

AdSense is a service launched by Google that essentially claims to place only those ads on your web page which stand relevant to your page. It does so by the use of its award winning search engine ranking technology which, judging by the content of your site, places ads relating to the content of your site on the page. For example, if your article is about pen drives, it’ll place storage device ads or if your content relates to relationship, it’ll place ads from dating sites and so on.

Basically, a mini ad-agency, in its own right.

All you have to do is copy the AdSense script to the HTML code of your page and it’ll start working on its own. You get paid by the formula: number of click-throughs an ad gets*cost of the ad. As long as you’re a citizen of North America, AdSense will send you checks at the address you provide. Also Adsense does not just run in Europe but many people all over the world take advantage of it to make a small extra income on their websites and blogs.  Short, sweet and simple.

Now, some questionable points about AdSense are that

·         No ad-rotating. It’ll show the same ad on your article after every refresh. So if you have high traffic on your page that returns at regular intervals, after a point you’ll notice the number of click-throughs decreasing rapidly.

·         It’s automated. Ok, making it automated makes it a lot easier to work with but on the other hand, it kind of reduces efficiency. Google may be a good picker of ads, but let’s face it, humans are better. 

          But that all will have improved as Google Adsense Team always work sharp around the clock to bring the best services for advertisers and publishers.

The bottom line is that Google AdSense is pretty much a handy tool for anyone wanting to make some cash out of their high traffic websites and is highly recomended to all webmasters.

Note: Make sure you don’t try fooling around with bots to automate clicks, Google’s pretty tough on acts like those and always work on seo to improve the adds visibility.