Nintendo 3DS

For years now we have had many handheld gaming computers from the Nintendo Gameboy to the Sony Playstation Psp. Im sure many of us have either owned or played on one of  these lovely gadgets but behold for a new gaming experians in 3D. Yes its the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS is the next phase of Nintendo’s handheld gaming console. The console is unique in its ability to produce 3D effects without the need of any special glasses. Now this is something many gamers around the world have been looking forward to in the last few months. The 3DS console is due to be released first in Japan on the 26th of February 2011 with Australia, Europe and North America following in March 2011. You will  be able to play In 3D or in standard mode but im sure many will have the 3D switched on so they can enjoy a new experiance in handheld gaming.

The Nintendo 3DS does not just play games but will also be equipped with a camera that will result in 3D pictures for those who love taking pictures on the go. It’s built in wifi feature known as Spot-pass will allow the console to detect wi-fi hotspots where you can get game data, softwares and videos for it. Its unique Street-pass feature allows the console to exchange data and software with friends and family who also own this device.

For those who already own the Nintendo Ds title games, there is good news. You will be able to play them all on the new upgrade 3D version as they are confirmed to be compatible for it. Hooray !