Call Of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty series sold millions of copies worldwide, after the successful release of CoD: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops has been released sometime early November last year. It created a dynamic hype in the gaming world of video gamers worldwide.

After the success of Treyarch’s Modern Warfare 2, it was foreseen prior to Black Ops release that this will be a massive hit to video-gamers. The expectation on the video game was tremendous that some gamers were nervous with the turn-out of events between Activision and Infinity Ward. When it was released quite a number of MW and MW-2 were disappointed. The animation of characters, the audio sound, weapon designs and the graphic element were less than expected. For players who played games with better graphics the game seems to be a step backward for Black Ops.

From a gamers standpoint the graphic details weren’t that bad, true there were a few fallbacks or flaws that are quite annoying while playing this game but over-all it is a game worth a try. You will still enjoy the storyline, and is the finest of its series. For first time gamers of CoD: Black Ops, the game would rarely disappoint you, it has a decent storyline, and the improvements were good for a video game, it has advance HD graphics. If you’re the gamer type interested in multiplayer games similar to Modern Warfare 2 (MW-2) you will like this game. First time players of the game you will find it overwhelming but as the game progress and as you learn Call of Duty Points mechanics, you will definitely learn to enjoy appreciate the game over-all. For hardcore video gamers who had tried other games such as Baldurs Gate, Fallout series, Diablo I and II, MW 1&2 the games’ progression will be boring for your taste.