What Is Valentine’s Day

This is a celebration known worldwide as a special day for the couples but dreaded by the singleton. This celebration happens every year on the 14th day of February, the month of romance. This is actually called Saint Valentine’s Day but popularly recognized by people as Valentine’s Day, V-day or Hearts Day. The origin of Valentine’s Day has a couple of tales revolving around the celebration. 

To start off, there was a festival celebrated during the 14th of February in honor of the Roman God Lupercus and another is Honoring Queen Goddess Juno right after Roman God Lupercus festival. The most popularly known reasons for this celebration yearly are the 3 separate martyrs named Valentine recognized by the Catholic Church for the St. Valentine’s celebration.

The first Valentine (or Valentino) was a priest who continued to perform marriage for couples despite the Roman Emperor’s degree to ban marriage, discovered and was executed. The second Valentine fell in love with a jailor’s daughter, as this second Valentino was a prisoner. Before being executed he sent the jailor’s daughter a letter signed “From Your Valentine”, the execution date was believed to be the date V-Day festivity originated and the last Valentine had a more morbid or tragic ending, Valentine was rejected and cutout his heart and sent it to her.

St. Valentine’s Day is a day that re-kindles lovers’ affection for their partner or another occasion to show their love and affection through organized special events meant for make their special partners feel important and special during Valentine’s Day. A special day of the year that all hotels and restaurants are fully booked, lingerie’s are out of stock and flowers and chocolates on highest demand. A number important day for commercial businesses involved in producing in-demand items for special occasions such as this. A lot of small business or independent people take this opportunity to earn by making home-made chocolates and cakes during the high time of the occasion.