Apple Iphone 4

The iPhone has been an extremely popular item not only this year but in previous years as well. Apple addicts everywhere preordered the latest iPhone 4 and with that came the overloading of both Apple and AT&T’s servers on the first day alone and the actual phone itself has now been pushed back to to high demand. Why has the iPhone 4 been selling like crazy? It could be the new hardware design giving it a completely different touch and a feel to the phone. It could be what’s underneath the screen with the 4 512MB of RAM which is a step up from last years as well. My opinion however would be that the entire phone as a whole is what is making it fly off the shelves.

The phone’s graphic quality is much more advanced than its predecessor and on top of that it is probably the most advanced quality screen on any phone to date. In addition to the quality of the display on the screen itself Apple has finally added a good quality camera to the back of the phone that is five megapixels and not just any plain five megapixels five good high resolution megapixels. What makes the camera different from the rest of the phone cameras is the amount of thought put into it. Using a new style to take the picture that is more sensitive to light along with the higher megapixel count the camera is also capable of shooting fairly well in low light, and of course with the flash it is capable of shooting at no light at well.

Along with the camera is the VGA camera a nice video recorder that includes all of the software needed to actually edit the movie your taking on the fly without ever needing to plug it back into your pc. The software that the iPhone 4 comes with is the second half of the smart phone. The software the iPhone 4 has makes it stand out amongst other phones. Such software is the video editing software as I stated earlier, folders to store the excess amount of apps you will probably download, video chat inbetween different iPhones (those that are used to skype will have a good idea of what I mean). Also an important feature is the multitasking ability that the phone provides letting the user quick switch from app to app, and the GPS the phone provides can also now be run in the background as well as music and the things that the phone could do before.

As a last note the speaker and the earpiece quality for the phone have been bumped up from the standards of the previous models. All of this together and more give the Apple fanatic something to add to their Christmas list. With the phones flying off the shelves the way they are though you’d be lucky to even see one on display in the store.