Affordable Health Care

Affordable health care sounds like a reasonable idea, so what’s the reason that it’s not as available as it should be? Some nations’ governments view health care as a basic human right and citizens can receive it at no cost at all, putting our health care system to shame—the prices of health care are increasing in the US, and the consequences are dire.

As the price of health care goes up, so does the rate of disease and sickness. Cost bars a lot of people from getting the medical attention they need, and many people might go without health insurance because they can’t afford to get it. Or if they try to get it, they might be rejected because they have a health condition that will make insurance too high. In addition, many households become bankrupt as a result of not being able to pay medical bills and in order to provide for their households, people are sometimes forced to stick with certain jobs they might not like because they need the benefits. There are problems once you’re in the health care system as well. Waiting times can be long and patients might have to wait up to weeks and months to see a doctor, and of course cost is still an issue.

In contrast, affordable health care exists in nations like Britain and New Zealand that provide health care that’s paid by the government. In Germany, there are 200 private health insurance plans available and people can choose from any one of them. Japan is the world’s leading nation in controlling medical costs. Of course, other nations’ health care systems aren’t perfect and they have their cons as well. There are still long waiting lists in Canada and you can’t choose your health care provider in France and Japan (though you can choose your doctor and hospital. But in general, affordable health care appears to be a foreign and not domestic phenomenon.

Why is decent health care so inaccessible in the US? Some might blame the lack of affordable health care in the US to capitalism, in that it all comes down to greed and business. People are sick of the way medical services operate in our nation and they clamor for change, which is why health care is a critical political issue. Change won’t happen easily or quickly, but maybe someday our nation will follow the principles of other nations and its own principle of prosperity for all.

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